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Worthing Twinning Association

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Worthing's first town twinning took place in 1997, when the Borough formed a link with four small towns in the Elztal Region, situated in the Black Forest in southern Germany.

Later in the same year, we established a link with the Pays des Olonnees on the west coast of France, where again our twinning partnership is with a network of smaller communities. This was formalised on October 17th 1998.

Since then, under the patronage and presidency of The Worshipful the Mayor of Worthing, the members of the WTA have worked with friends in both areas, encouraging cultural and social visits. We have a regular program of meetings of the WTA in Worthing, and endeavour to raise the profile of twinning at events through the Worthing area. There are frequent visits to and from our French and German partners as well.

We are always happy to welcome new members to the Worthing Twinning Association. You can help with and take part in events that strengthen our friendships with our twinning partners, and promote the work of the Twinning Association. Members of the WTA visit France and Germany frequently, and friends from the Pays des Olonnes and Elztal Region come over regularly as well.

 So if you want to contribute by hosting visitors, getting involved in promoting the WTA, or even joining the committee, just mailto:secretary@worthingtwinningassociation.org.uk"

Last Updated   13/10/2014

News Letter

The Borough of Worthing - twinned with:

Le Pays des Olonnes:Chateau d'Olonne, Olonne Sur Mer, Les Sables d'Olonne

Elztal Region: Ellzach, Gutach, Simonswald, Waldkdirch

Bring your friends and join in the Last Night of the Proms fun with the Worthing Philharmonic Orchestra and Boundstone Choir at the Assembly Hall Worthing 7.30 pm Saturday 27th September.

Tickets £8, £12 and £15 with children/students £3 or get a discount season ticket for all 4 concerts (November 16th, March 14th and June 14th) for only £36. Tickets available on the door or from the box office tel 01903 206206